How to start OneLife Network Business?

Three simple steps to become an OneLife IMA and start earning money.

Step 1. Register as an IMA: Independent Marketing Associate   

OneLife Network Business is through invitation only. Register as an IMA(Independent Marketing Associate) using an existing IMA’s user link. You can register FREE as a Rookie. Use this link to Register Free

Step 2. Purchase an OneAcademy Education Package:

Select an OneAcademy education package from the different packages provided by OneAcademy ranging from as low as €140. OneAcademy offers different educational packages to choose from. These packages ranges from Level 1 (Starter)to Level 8 (Supreme)

Step 3. Make the Payment.

    How to make payment to OneLife?

     As you have selected the OneAcademy Educational package which suites your requirement as well as your pocket, the next step is to make the payment for the package you’ve selected. There are different payment methods                    available with OneLife.

 A.    The first option is the OneLife cash account payment. For this you should contact your sponsor which you  would be knowing if you are an offline customer. If you are an online customer you can contact him through                 email or on phone.  Your sponsor will certainly guide you through the payment process.

 B.   The second option is through Perfect Money (PM). If you have a Perfect Money Account you can do it easily. If you don’t have a Perfect Money Account you can easily create one, verify your PM account, load money and make the payment to OneLife. If you are new to Perfect Money, please click here to register as a Perfect Money Account  Holder.

 C.   The third option is wire transfer. After registering Free as a Rookie, you can login to your OneLife  Account>>From the dash board, > select SHOP.> From Shop you can select package with activation fee.>>Then press the buy now button.>> on the next page your selected Gift code will be displayed >> copy and paste the code to your note pad or page, so that you can alway refer to it >> select the payment mode from the drop down menu>> if you are selecting wire transfer >> you can also take printout of the performa-invoice for future use and documentation>> as you select wire transfer option a popup window opens with company’s account number connected with your country. You can make the payment. Take the printout of the invoice or note     down the transaction number and send it to OneLife support desk. They will confirm your payment and activate the Gift code you’ve created.

The next step is to redeem the Gift code you created or purchased. If you aren’t  login to you OneLife dashboard please do so by using your username and password you have created while you have created your OneLife Account. Copy and paste the Gift code to the activate Gift code now column in the shop page. Fill up the Captcha and click the activate now button.

Now you have done. You are active and completed now. Watch the video.

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