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Earn from OneCoin, the Future of Payment System!

OneCoin offers everyone a ones-in a life Global Career Opportunity with a potential to make Millions of Dollars from their Home Based Business!

The following video explains about Cryptocurrency/ Digital coin, Digital mining, Blockchain and the Investment Opportunity offered by Digital Coins.

Success of Bitcoin has led to the emergence of several other new Cryptocurrencies/ Digital Coins.

OneCoin is premier and pioneer among them.

BitCoin's value has increased thousands folds from it's introduction in 1997. It was valued at 10 cents then and presently valued at $673/ Bitcoin.

Therefore Bitcoin is out of reach of the common man as an investment opportunity at least, if not for our daily transactions.

If you've missed out from Bitcoin Opportunity, Don't Worry!
You can still earn from the Cryptocurrency Revolution by joining the OneCoin, the largest, fast growing and technologically more advanced Cryptocurrency in the world.

Learn How You Too Can do the Same.

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Join the Cryptocurrency Revolution by joining OneCoin!


Watch the next video to learn more about:

  • The concept of money.
  • The rise / emergence of Cryptocurrencies.
  • Success of BitCoin, the first successful cryptocurrency.
  • What is Digital mining?- Computer generated algorithm.
  • Block chain technology explained.

Whatever be your personal reasons to start a home based business, Onecoin certainly can be your sure bet to build a profitable business from home.


tick OneCoin offers you a Unique Global Opportunity for earning an exceptional income with the most unique and revolutionary compensation plan.

    OneLife is a Global Digital Marketing Company that offers the Unique Global Opportunity to build a successful career for earning exceptional profit by popularizing the OneCoin concept.
    Everyone gets a chance to build a second-income business by joining OneLife Opportunity and popularizing OneCoin concept and the new emerging Cryptocurrency in the world.

    With OneCoin you can build a global distributor organization that focuses on popularizing OneCoin, the new emerging, ever growing, the largest and the most secured Cryptocurrency in the world.
    OneCoin offers variety of membership packages/ OneAcademy packages.

While most companies spend millions of dollars a year on television commercials, celebrity spokespersons, and other types of advertising, OneCoin has chosen the most powerful and effective marketing strategy in business today, Direct-Selling i.e. Relationship Marketing.

This strategy allows the company to pay out generous commissions to its members instead of spending it on advertising and sales staff. OneCoin also provides Business Associates the opportunity to build a tremendous residual income stream from the team they build.



A chance to build your business with the most powerful business Opportunity in the world in 2016

Watch the following video to understand the OneCoin concept and the wonderful and the lucrative compensation plan in the history of Home Based Business.

OneCoin provides a once in a Lifetime Opportunity Watch it Now.


  • OneCoin started its operation in 2014 November.
  • OneCoin founded by the renouned Economist and the visionary leader Dr. Ruja Ignatova
  • In 2014 November the value of OneCoin was €0.5 and now its value has risen to €6.34.
  • To date over 2,100,000 people have registered and paid as OneCoin members, and over 10,000,000 have registered as OneCoin members.
  • OneLife is currently taking every possible step to increasing the usability of OneCoin.
  • OneCoin is currently working on an E-commerce platform, similar to Amazon, where hundreds of thousands of businesses can start accepting OneCoin as payment.
  • OneCoin is on the process of adding over a million traders into its fold.
  • OneCoin issues a Global Mastercard debit card, which can be used at ATMs all arround the world to purchase products and more!
  • OneLife offers a Global Business Opportunity.

Why should you have this Opportunity!

Here's what most people told us about this wonderful Opportunity and why they want to start a Home Based Business.

These are the personal reasons and what is most important to anyone:

  • An opportunity that will complement what I'm doing and not get in the way of it.
  • Earn profits without selling or recruiting.
  • Get your M.B.A (Massive Bank Account) without having to get an M.B.A.
  • Access to a personalized interactive marketing system.
  • Earn full-time income on part-time hours.
  • A system with no monthly fees or auto-ships - just a one-time expense.
  • Partner with a trusted multi billion dollar company with phenomenal momentum.
  • Free coaching and support from strong and passionate leadership PlugIn Income Club.
  • A highly-educated and respected founder with an impeccable reputation.
  • An extremely lucrative model that's created hundreds of millionaires in just 18 months.
  • A synergistic blend of education and empowerment designed to create life-changing breakthroughs.
  • Be a part of the next step in the evolution of global monetary systems.
  • Earn extra income
  • Spend more time with family
  • Time freedom
  • Making a difference in this world
  • Get a more beautiful home
  • Go on more vacations
  • Put kids through college
  • Have extra money or time to support charities
Whatever be your personal reasons to own a personal Home Based Business, OneLife business can fulfill your personal ambition as a business owner.

Whether you are looking for a part-time or second income, a regional marketing organization or a global marketing network, the choice is yours. With OneCoin, you are truly building your own Sales Team within an established company.

How to start your OneCoin business?

STEP 1: Register FREE by clicking on the affiliate link given in this page Click Here

STEP 2: Fill up your details and press the submit button.

STEP 3: Confirm your email address by clicking on to the link sent from /

STEP 4: Login to your OneLife account then go to profile page generate a transaction password, memorize and store in your desktop / write down in your dairy.

STEP 5: Update your profile, enter upload KYC documents and save.

At this stage you are registered as a ROOKIE. ROOKIE will not earn you any commissions nor get any OneTokens or One Accademy package.


* One Academy Package:Level 0
* Package Cost:FREE
* OneTokens:0
* Split Bonus:0 split

To become an active OneLife member proceed to Step 6.

Higher the package you select is more successful you'll be as an investor, consultant and as a businessman / network marketer.

You can get started for as little as €140 with no recurring or monthly fees of any kind!
Right now, you can purchase one of the Educational Packages, which teaches you all you need to know about the powerful benefits of Crypto-Currency.

STEP 6: Select a OneAccademy Package suitable to you. Make the payment through OnePay, Bank Wire, Perfect Money, Cash Account, BitCoin or contact your sponser for more details(He can use his OneCoin cash account to generate gift code).


Watch this Video!



    * One Academy Package:Level 1
    * Package Cost:€ 140
    * OneTokens:1000
    * Split Bonus:1 split(1000X2=2000 Tokens)


    * One Academy Package:Level 2
    * Package Cost:€ 580
    * One Tokens:5000
    * Split Bonus:1 split


    Pro Trader
    * One Academy Package:Level 3
    * Package Cost:€ 1130
    * One Tokens:10000
    * Split Bonus:1 split


    Executive Trader
    * One Academy Package:Level 4
    * Package Cost:€ 3330
    * One Tokens:30000
    * Split Bonus:1 split


    Tycoon Trader
    * One Academy Package:Level 5
    * Package Cost:€ 5530
    * One Tokens:50000
    * Split Bonus:2 splits


    Tycoonplus Trader
    * One Academy Package:Level 5
    * Package Cost:€ 7500
    * One Tokens:81818
    * Split Bonus:2 splits


    Premium Trader
    * One Academy Package:Level 6
    * Package Cost:€ 13780
    * One Tokens:150000
    * Split Bonus:3 splits


    Infinity Trader
    * One Academy Package:Level 7
    * Package Cost:€ 27530
    * One Tokens:300000
    * Split Bonus:3 splits

    Infinity Trader
    * One Academy Package:Level 7
    * Package Cost:€ 188000
    * One Tokens:1888888
    * Split Bonus:7 splits

Watch the next video to understand the unique and lucrative compensation plan ever in the history of Direct Marketing/ Network Marketing Industry.

This video is of 26 minutes duration and is a recording of the webinar conducted by one of our greate leaders.

Watch this video with utmost attention.


OneCoin offers world's most attractive business & income opportunity in comparison to any other opportunity in the Direct Marketing Industry. Today world's no.1 network earners are from OneCoin.


Below given are the simple 3 income streams from OneLife.

1. Direct referral bonus 10% on every One Academy package of your direct referral

direct bonus

startup bonus

2. Network (binary) bonus 10% and Generation matching bonus 10% to 25% up to level 4

team bonus
matching bonus


OneCoin enhances the digital payments.
Future E-Commerce requires a more efficient, faster, secured, economical payment system. OneCoin just does that!.OneCoin enables e-com revolution!
OneCoin is the future payment system.

OneCoin is both Global and Local!
With 120 billion OneCoins to be mined, it is the single largest cryptocurrency in the world.

Learn how you too can earn from OneLife Business Opportunity!

Watch it Now!!!

OneCoin offers everyone a once-in a life Global Career Opportunity with a potential to make Millions of Dollars!

Yes! Now very ordinary people are making upto €26546 (₹1981220/$29333) weekly from OneCoin Business.

Now It's Your Turn. Start Making Money with OneCoin.

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Still if you can't decide and need more clarifications about this business opportunity get in touch with me. Please feel free to call me for more details about the business.

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