What is Cryptocurrency?

What is Crypto Currency/ Digital Coin?

What is digital currency?

Digital currency/ crypto currency is digital coin you can send through the internet, store your money without losing the real value it over the time. This currency represents the value that is not issued by any central bank or government,but is accepted by people as means of transaction, mode of payment for good and services.

Digital currencies have a number of advantages compared to other alternatives. Banks charge fees for every monetary transaction you make. This increase the cost of everything you buy. Even banks can refuse to relies your payment, they fix up your transition limits if they choose to. To our greater advantage digital coins/ crypto currencies can be transferred to or exchanged with person to person or business to business or person to business without any restrictions without going through banking, therefore no banking fees, no arbitrary limits imposed, no account freezing by banks.

Your digital coins/ crypto currencies can be stored in digital wallet, cloud wallet or cold storage and can be exchanged or transferred without incurring any charges, with no fear of loss, no fear of theft or robber. Crypto currencies/ digital coins can be freely exchanged or traded for US Dollar, Euro or any other currencies.

What is mining?

Digital currencies are generated over the internet by anybody running an software application and having a complex hardware for digital mining operation. Digital mining requires certain amount of work for each rewarded digital coin. Digital currency miner uses algorithms to solve complex mathematical problems while simultaneously verifying transactions on the digital currency network,called the block chain. All these works are carried out by digital miner software and network of thousands of computer network throughout the world.

When two people exchange digital coins over the internet, other people record and verify that transactions. When you record and verify the transaction you are rewarded by a new coin from the digital network.

Why should you mine?

Digital coins/ crypto currencies are still in their infancy. Digital currency market is growing exponentially. BitCoin, the first digital coin when it was introduced in 2009 was valued at 10 Cents and present day it has grown more than 4000 times to reach a level of $446. As more and more people accept digital coins and more and more traders and industrial houses use to transact value, the value of that particular digital coin increases and as an investor you stand to gain.

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